Electric carmaker Fisker has partnered with car-wrapping specialists 3M for an interesting demonstration of what could be at this year's SEMA festivities. As we reported in greater detail earlier, the folks from 3M are wrapping up the Karma in a few fairly wild shades and stripe packages, to have a little fun with the already drop-dead gorgeous Fisker.

We caught the team mid-wrap when we shot the gallery of live images that you see here; transitioning from a white and blue livery to a sassy yellow and black number.

Considering the explosion of custom wrap jobs that we've seen and heard about lately, we'd expect to see the trend continue for both SEMA and the wider world of customization. In fact, wrapping at a high level makes a lot of sense for owners of expensive cars, who may be less willing to alter the original paint job, while still hungering for a little variety now and again.

We also happened across another rather interestingly modded Karma – this one with a distinct lack of associated press information. The car in the gallery below has wood accenting both the wheels and grille, as well as another distinctive colorway. Enjoy.

Fisker Karma Information

Fisker Karma

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