• 1944 White M16 Half-Track "Meat-Chopper" Multiple Gun Motor Carriage - Demilitarized

  • 1935-45 Daimler-Benz DB10 SdKfz 8 12-Ton Half-Track Prime Mover

  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored "Dragon Wagon" Tank Recovery Vehicle

  • 1942-45 GMC DUKW - 353 6x6 Amphibious Truck

  • 1940-41 Hanomag S.P.W. Ausf. C SdKfz 251/1 Armored 3/4-Track - Demilitarized

  • 1941 Krupp 8.8-cm Flak 36 Gun - Demilitarized

  • 1944 Steyr 7.5-cm Pak 40/4 RSO Full-Track - Demilitarized

  • 1943-44 Opel Maultier Panzer-Werfer 42 Armored Half-Track Rocket Launcher - Demilitarized

  • 1944 Steyr 1500A/01 4x4 Kfz Command Car

The Dean V. Kruse Foundation is hard at work scrounging up cash to pay off some serious debt, and that work has led the organization to auction off more than half of the vehicles contained in the National Military History Center collection. If you're looking for World War II-era armor, consider this your one-stop shop. Want a 1941 Krupp Flak gun? No problem. How about a 1944 Steyr full-track? This Auctions America sale has you covered. The listing even includes rarities like a 1943-44 Dragon Wagon Tank recovery vehicle.

That particular machine was built to pull heavy hardware out of sticky situations. A pair of 60,000-pound winches were made to yank stricken armor onto the trailer, allowing the 48,890-pound crawler to trundle to safety at a top speed of 28 mph. Later, this same design was used to pull Saturn V rockets around for NASA.

All told, the auction will offer the largest selection of full and half-track military vehicles for sale at the same time. Head over to the Auctions America site for a closer look.

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