Our friend Paul Scott knows a thing or two about electric vehicles (EVs), having been involved with Plug In America for years. These days, he's a Nissan Leaf salesman and his top technique is to, as he puts it, put butts in seats. Once people drive an EV, they often walk away with a better understanding of the potential change that EVs offer. Since he's one of the top EV salespeople in the US – he works for Nissan of Downtown LA – we asked how things have been going recently. The short version, Scott told AutoblogGreen, is that things are going incredibly well.

"Sales are very good right now," he said. "Nissan's aggressive pricing has jump started the Leaf sales and especially the Leaf lease. I'm pretty sure we'll see a record month for the Leaf when the national numbers come in. If other dealers are experiencing what we're experiencing, it'll be a record for certain.

"When the monthly payment dropped to less than many people spend for gas, the phone began to ring constantly. I delivered four Leafs in one day last week and I'll have a record month since coming to Nissan of Downtown LA last year. Our inventory is dropping fast, so much so that we've ordered more from the port."

Part of the potential change is what Scott calls the realization that, "'The oil companies [can] pay for their new electric car.' The money [people] were giving the oil companies is more than they pay for the Leaf, so they get to use some of the savings for electricity and the rest can go into their kid's college fund.

"A good measure of how well the car is doing is that employees of our dealership began leasing the cars. This is very important since they can now speak from experience when selling the car to customers. Their glee in saving money on gas is clearly evident when they speak to customers and this becomes infectious."

Automotive Digest also recently spoke with Scott, and you can see a video of that interview below.

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