To better get a feel for the tastes of its customers, Jaguar Land Rover has decided to open design studios in the US and China, Jag design chief Ian Callum tells Automotive News Europe. US and Chinese sales rank second and third behind the UK for the Jaguar Land Rover group.

"We are going to go out there to get a feeling for what the market is and what people like," Callum says.

Despite the desire to become engrossed in local flavor, Callum reassures that design at the two brands will remain British.

"We will never design a car around another culture," he says, "but we will certainly build into that vehicle certain national tastes for that market."

Our own Zach Bowman recently referred to the F-Type as "sultry" and a few other things we couldn't print for a mixed-age audience. If Callum and JLR can improve on something that gorgeously covetable, consider us onboard.

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