There are the right ways to get noticed by football scouts and there are the wrong ways. Performing life-threatening car stunts to show your skills are definitely in the latter category, but Bladimir Barreto, 19, of Palm Bay, Florida, decided that videotaping himself jumping over a moving car was an appropriate way to display his vertical jump to college recruiters. Instead of landing a spot on a college football team, though, Barreto landed himself in the hospital with serious injuries.

Attempting to mimic stunts performed by a certain crazy Swede and Kobe Bryant, Barreto had one of his brothers drive toward him in a '80s Honda Accord while another brother recorded it all. Instead of clearing the sedan, it looks like Barreto mistimed his jump, resulting in him being hit by the car and thrown into the air. The YouTube video description says that he suffered broken legs and a serious head injury, but USA Today did not give specifics, only saying that he was conscious when life-flighted to a nearby hospital.

The report does say that the police charges are pending against the driver of the car for not having a valid driver's license and reckless driving.

Warning: While not overly graphic, the video below could be disturbing to some viewers. And, obviously, don't try this at home.

Honda Accord Information

Honda Accord

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