75-year-old woman to drive around world in 91-year-old car

Heidi Hetzer is a serious driver, she always has been.

An accomplished businesswoman and local German celebrity, Hetzer has no intention of taking the easy road. She never has.

The 75-year-old racer plans on circumnavigating the globe along the same route taken by the first person ever to drive a car around the world: Clärenore Stinnes.

Stinnes did it in 1928 and Hertzer plans to one up the original driver by using her 91-year-old Hispano-Suiza roadster.

Of course, Hetzer will have no problems if the Hispano-Suiza breaks down. One of her first jobs in the '50s was as a mechanic at her father's Opel dealership. When her father died in the 1960s, Hetzer took over the dealership and then built it into one of the largest dealerships in Berlin.

In between fixing and selling cars, Hetzer also raced them. She has collected more than 150 prizes from numerous races spanning more than 50 years, the most recent in 2007 in a classic car rally, according to Wikipedia.

The legendary Berlin native will begin her newest journey in 2014.

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