Siri can now start your car with Viper SmartStart app

Siri has made it pretty easy to do many tasks on your iPhone, but thanks to Viper Alarm, she can now help you start your car, too. Viper's SmartStart 3.0 gives any smartphone the ability to perform many remote functions on a car by using the alarm system's app, but only iPhone 4S and 5 users can get their car running simply by saying, "Siri, start my car." The future is now.

In addition to starting your car and locking and unlocking a car's doors, the latest SmartStart 3.0 now lets you know if you left a door open, send a reminder to start your car if it's cold outside and even use GPS to find your car from just about anywhere. The GPS function does require users to spring for a $399 GPS module and pay for a service plan, with prices ranging from $49.99 for a one-year basic contract up to $239.99 for a three-year premium plan. SmartStart alarm systems alone range in price from $399 up to $599.

Check out how Viper's new SmartStart 3.0 system works with Siri in the video below.

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