With zombies all the rage and Halloween right around the corner, it should be fitting that one of the most ghoulish-looking supercars on the planet has risen from its grave, mere months after it was declared dead. Gumpert, the maker of the absurd Apollo hypercar, could very well be rescued by a new investor. It was only August when we reported on Gumpert's insolvency, but apparently an investor is getting in the mix and the German company could very well live.

Little if anything is known about the deal; the actual identity of the investor remains a mystery and it appears that the agreement is tentative and has not been written in ink. De Telegraaf has apparently learned of the investor from an undisclosed Gumpert employee. Let us hope that the source is correct. A Gumpert spokeswoman told the Dutch newspaper, "Currently we cannot say anything about the future prospects of Gumpert."

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