Most of the noise over the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version has centered around its €120,000 ($155,000 U.S.) price and its exhaust noise. Evo Magazine editor Harry Metcalfe quiets things down with a soup-to-nuts look at where the extra money has been spent on this Vettel-fied Infiniti crossover (in the UK it costs £105,600 on-the-road, nearly doubling the price of the FX50 it is bred from).

There's lot of detail: the aero mods were guided by Vettel's desire for his tribute FX to hit 300 kilometers per hour, the carbon fiber is manufactured by Brabus, the additional rear spoiler adds £4,800 ($7,650) to the already hefty £100,800 base price ($168k!), each alloy is 4.6 kilograms lighter than a standard wheel but hides standard brakes, and so on. All of that is followed by a question: "Can I say it's £50,000 better?" You'll find the $80,000 answer in the video below.

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