Guys like Henrik Fisker don't get to where they are by being modest.

The founder and namesake of the California-based extended-range plug-in vehicle maker spoke to the Wall Street Journal about his drivetrain technology and how it could be expanded to other forms of transportation.

Fisker, who was born in Denmark, specifically mentioned four-wheel-drive vehicles would be a good fit for extended-range plug-in technology. He then went one step further, saying boats could use a similar powertrain setup to use electric power inside harbors and switch to diesel fuel out in the open water. Yes, in case he's asking for our opinion, we would like to see a water-ready Fisker hybrid design.

In the meantime, Fisker, who has helped raise $1.2 billion in equity for his company, called his company a "historic brand" for its sales of about 1,500 Fisker Karma vehicles globally since the model debuted late last year. Later this year, Fisker will start selling Karmas in Dubai and China. No word on whether extended-range plug-in boats will be offered there.

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