Carfax sends Car Fox into orbit, no vehicle history report available

It really wasn't long ago when it required six days to bake a potato and just taking any kind of winged flight was something special. Now a man can skydive from 128,000 feet above the Earth and pretty soon Wal-Mart will stock space flight suits next to the wicker outdoor furniture.

Car Fox, the cunning Canidae who likes to pretend he's as good as Carfax, decided to follow skydiver Felix Baumgartner's lead. Taking off from Lima, Montana, the stuffed mascot made it to 88,436 feet before the gas-filled bubble burst and he returned to Hamer, Idaho, 50 miles away.

What's the point of sending a stuffed animal 17 miles into the stratosphere? Because it only takes a few guys in a parking lot in Montana and some GoPros to do it. The result of their work is in the video below.

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