We expected the successor to the Ferrari Enzo, for now a model referred to as the F70, to be the showstopper of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Finally seeing the real car will be good news whenever it happens, but even better news is that Inside Line has just reported that the F70 will be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

We have no idea what the gigundously powerful coupe will look like – the rendering above is the work of KGP Photography, whose spy shooters have shot quite a number of prototypes hidden under enormous amounts of camo. We do know it will have a carbon fiber chassis with a Formula One-style build developed by one of the key players in the F1 team – the chassis will be 20-percent lighter than the Enzo's, yet stiffer. Within it will be something like 900 horsepower unleashed from a mid-mounted V12 assisted by an evolution of the energy-regenerating HY-KERS unit. Weight for the whole car has been rumored to come in a snort-inducing 2,500 pounds.

Suddenly, January in Detroit isn't looking quite so bleak.

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