If you've never heard of he Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye, crack open your ears for a spell. The race is a grueling four-day event that slithers through the Carpathian mountains of Romania.

We aren't talking about battling some logging road, either. The competitors who tackle Romaniacs bolt up ridge sides, climb waterfalls and tear across open terrain in an attempt to set the best recorded time. A single stage can put the riders through 30,000 feet of climbing over incredibly varied terrain. This is a competition where no single skill set will nab you the title. Rather, riders need to be well-rounded to take all 400 miles head on.

This year, Red Bull worked up a Signature Series on the event, following competitors through all four stages and documenting the carnage in beautiful HD. The 45-minute-long video is entirely TV quality, and while it requires a serious time commitment, it's also completely worth a slice of your day. You can check it out for yourself below – just don't blame us if you find yourself wanting an enduro machine of your own once you finish.

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