Plug In America is saying Aloha to Hawaii's growing legion of electric-vehicle drivers.

The electric vehicle advocate group used a $50,000 grant from the State of Hawaii to produce a 48-page guidebook (PDF) designed to help novices adopt their first electric vehicle. The document – downloadable for free from Plug In America's website – covers issues such as charging costs and installation expenses. It also discusses ways to install a charger in places like a single-family home or multi-unit dwelling and other factors to consider, and was written to be useful to people in any state, not just Hawaii.

Along with California, Hawaii's been a leading U.S. state when it comes to alt-fuel vehicle adoption (rightly so) because of the combination of relatively high gas prices and short driving distances that take the edge off of range anxiety. Interested in the first EV in Hawaii? We've got that story for you right here.

In fact, for those keeping track, the U.S. Department of Energy says Hawaii has 260 EV charging stations, or about one for every 1,700 vehicles there. That's pretty impressive, considering that the U.S. in total has almost 10,000 vehicles per charging station.

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