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1989 Shelby Dodge Dakota - rear three-quarter view, on castorsThese days, the Shelby name is synonymous with Ford Mustang performance, but it wasn't always so. Carroll Shelby spent plenty of time decking the halls of Chrysler with quick versions of otherwise plebeian models, including the Dodge Dakota and Lancer. Most of those machines have returned to the earth in spectacular fashion by now, but it looks as if one owner in Pennsville, New Jersey sealed two of the machines away from the world to preserve them for future generations. Behold what could very well be the cleanest and most original 1987 Shelby Lancer and 1989 Shelby Dakota on the face of the planet.

According to their eBay Motors listings, these machines have never been registered, and both still retain their original dealer markings, right down to the protective plastic on the seats and steering wheels. The owner even has the original batteries for both vehicles. What's more, both are #6 in their respective production lines, making them the first civilian models sold. The Lancer has but 22 miles on its odometer, and the Dakota 23. Right now, both relics have Buy It Now prices of $29,000, but the Shelby Dakota is the only one of the pair with a bid.

Of course, the real tragedy here is that the owner has effectively relegated these vehicles to museum duty. Depending on how they've been maintained, the damage done by sitting for years on end could require serious effort and dollars to erase. As of the time of writing, the truck is up to a smidge over $15,400 with three days left on the auction.

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