For anyone who tuned to Speed over the weekend, you may have noticed a new Fox Sports logo looming at the bottom of the screen. According to SB Nation, this could be a bad sign for motorsports fans as it seems to verify rumors that Fox is on the verge of changing Speed into an all-sports network like ESPN.
Although we're thankful that the channel never completely turned into the 24-hour NASCAR channel as was evidently intended when Fox took over in 2001, it has become a go-to channel for all things motorsports from the mainstream to the offbeat. Speed has already expanded its broadcasting to include reality shows like Pass Time, Pinks and Hard Parts: South Bronx, but it is also the only place to find coverage for racing series such as Australian V8 Supercar, Formula One Racing and Grand-Am.

The Wall Street Journal says that converting Speed to a sports network would allow the company to capitalize on a new eight-year deal it just worked out with Major League Baseball that would allow for better distribution of games among cable and satellite companies. Only time will tell what as to what becomes of Speed, but for fans of motorsports coverage, things aren't looking good.

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