We've seen all sorts of clever marketing tricks lately, but we'll admit, this is actually pretty cool. Taking its print advertising campaign one step further, Lexus has employed CinePrint to bring some life to an otherwise static magazine spot for its new 2013 ES sedan in the October 15 issue of Sports Illustrated.

Here's how it works: Download the iPad edition of SI, place the iPad under the actual magazine page displaying the ad, dim the lights and watch it all unfold. The once-lifeless ES ad now dances on the page using technology that, as Lexus says, creates "a tactile and visceral connection that brings one closer to the printed page with a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound and touch." In other words, it looks really rad.

You can check it out in person with this month's issue of Sports Illustrated, or simply scroll down to see the CinePrint ad in action.

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