The graphic from Allstate and shows some inter... The graphic from Allstate and shows some interesting facts about obesity and fuel economy. (Credit: Allstate)
Are we too fat to ever save fuel?

That's a question that's come up again, after AOL Autos looked into the issue in 2011, now that Allstate Insurance and paired up to put together a pretty nifty graphic showing the rise in obesity and how it compares with the automaker's efforts to make more fuel efficient cars.

To sum it all up, our penchant for bacon sundaes is not helping the world become a better place, at least when it comes to our cars.

While the automakers are trying to make cars lighter, using aluminum instead of steel, replacing spare tires with air pumps, and changing paper manuals for DVDs, the average weight of Americans inside the cars keeps going up.

"It's a seesaw battle that's making it difficult to realize the gains expected by a push for lighter, more fuel efficient cars," Allstate said in its blog.

The amount of gas wasted by the U.S. obesity epidemic costs us 1 billion gallons of gas annually, according to a study done by Entrepreneur Magazine.

AOL Autos found that bigger drivers say they don't like owning smaller cars. Some folks say they feel cramped and uncomfortable in smaller cars, so they opt for bigger cars like SUVs and minivans, which adds to the overall problem.

See below for the Allstate graphic:

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