Frankly, Scarlet, we do give a damn.

A new Finnish electric vehicle company called Scarlet has reached a deal with Helsinki's Metropolia University of Applied Science to collaborate on powertrain advancements for Scarlet's sports car.

Scarlet was interested in Metropolia's work on the development of the 375-horsepower Electric RaceAbout (E-RA) prototype. To refresh everyone's memory, in March, the E-RA set a world speed record for an EV on ice (this is Finland, after all), going 161.59 miles per hour and hitting an average of 156.65 mph over two time trials. There's a video of those trials here.

Scarlet didn't divulge further details about what the collaboration plans to accomplish, other than to say R&D work on "other parts of the Scarlet ecosystem" will be involved. Whatever it ends up being, we assume it will be fast. See Scarlet's press release below.
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Scarlet Motors announces partnership with Metropolia University of Applied Science to build the future of European electric cars

Helsinki, Finland – 5th of October, 2012: Scarlet Motors is a privately owned, premium European car company creating electric vehicles, combining state of the art technology with sportive emotions, reinventing the driving experience. Today, Scarlet Motors and Metropolia announced a partnership on the product development of Scarlet's sports car. Thanks to Metropolia's proven experience demonstrated by Electric RaceAbout (E-RA), their full electric super sports car prototype, Metropolia brings valuable technology expertise, boosting Scarlet's product development.

Scarlet Motors announced today a technology partnership with the leading Finnish automotive university, Metropolia University of Applied Science, Helsinki. Metropolia has been at the forefront of automotive development, experimenting with hybrid and electric technologies. Their latest award winning project, E-RA is a full electric super sports car. The first step in the collaboration will be on the powertrain which Metropolia has developed from the ground up with its partners.

"We have looked at a lot of technologies and potential partners and we believe that Metropolia has created something unique", says Julien Fourgeaud, CEO and Chief Catalyst. "We are looking forward to work together with passionate young professionals to push the boundaries." Metropolia is a "hands on" university where students learn theory and put it into practice in the real world on research and development projects.

E-RA started as such a project and is now a fully street legal vehicle in Europe. It has established the fastest Electric Vehicle on Ice world record as well as record lap times on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a 20+ km track often considered as a benchmark in the industry.

"We are proud of the work of our students, and we are glad to contribute in the commercialization of our technologies", says Pekka Hautala, Head of

Metropolia's Automotive Department. "It is important for us to support these types of new ventures and give our students a chance to participate in new exciting projects."

The partnership will further extend to research and development of other parts of the Scarlet ecosystem.

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