Having trouble finding an open parking space at your local shopping mall? Here's one way to solve that problem.

Starting from the road outside, two men simply drove go-karts through the parking lot and then proceeded inside the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York, at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. There's a bit of a catch – Bob Congel and Bruce Kenan own the place.

In a promotional stunt, the video above shows them both whipping through the semi-closed mall, in some cases, while onlookers stand aside, making a pit stop in the venue's food court for a beverage and a fender bender or two.

Their goal was to promote high-performance go-kart store Pole Position Raceway, which recently opened in Destiny. Pole Position has eight locations throughout the country, and intends to open more soon, including one slated to open in St. Louis.

The company used electric go-karts so that it can eschew running traditional gas engines inside. "From a competition standpoint, our high-performance electric karts accelerate quicker and handle better than any other indoor competition kart on the planet," the company said in a written statement on its website.

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