A philosophical question from your automotive enthusiast future: does a supercar need to make noise in order to be a supercar? The easy answer might be no. If they're more powerful, do everything faster, attract the opposite sex, cost a gang of money and look better in orange than actual oranges, what more are you looking for?

Then watch the blue chrome, $573,000, KERS-equipped, 740-horsepower Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive lap the Ascari track in Spain. It does so largely in silence, although at some points it sounds like a hidden jet flying overhead. That should be worth something when the SLS AMG ED hits the road and causes people to look up as it drives by. But is it still really a supercar?

There's no wrong answer, but feel free to refer to your Kant and Wittgenstein reference materials for assistance while you watch the video below.

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