We're guessing Mitt Romney won't be hanging out with Cee Lo, Leo or the Bieber anytime soon. Or Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher, for that matter.

Those are the celebs that got their own Fisker Karma extended-range plug-in vehicles before the Republican presidential candidate called the California-based automaker a "loser" in last week's presidential debate with Barack Obama, according to Wired. Romney lumped Fisker in with Solyndra, Tesla and Ener1, all of which are green-oriented companies that Romney says shouldn't have received U.S. Department of Energy loans.

Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher responded by pointing out to Wired that the automaker has sold 1,500 cars and raised more than $1.2 billion in private equity, which he said was "quite an achievement for a small American business." Meanwhile, Tesla Motors has since reaffirmed that it would start repaying its loan earlier than mandated and got support from its Twitter community. One example: "Wait, did he just call Tesla a loser? Have you driven one? They are awesome."

On the Fisker negativity, Romney may have company with Consumer Reports, which pretty much took apart the Karma in a review last month for, among other things, its long battery-recharge times, its cramped interior and its handling. That said, Delaware Online reported last month that Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, appeared to support giving the U.S. Department of Energy enough "flexibility" to make its $529 million loan to Fisker. Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck denied that charge. Fisker drew down almost $200 million of the loan before funds were frozen because the company didn't meet delivery deadlines for the Karma.

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Fisker Karma

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