While some of you may have daydreamed about driving through a mall like the Blues Brothers, the owners of the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, NY snatched a couple of go karts from the Pole Position Raceway located in their shopping center and actually did it.

Bob Conjel and Bruce Kenan speed through the mall at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour in what seems to be a great way to promote their mall's current and pending enhancements. While it's clear that most of the stores are closed, there are still plenty of people walking around the mall. And at the 2:36 mark, we see that the new Volvos are in early this year.

The duo slides into some drywall and even uses "stunt drivers" in the tighter areas as the karts blast through the mall's inner sanctum. All that's missing is Otis Redding's "I Can't Turn You Loose" playing in the background.

The video provided by the mall is only a minute and a half long, but Pole Position made one that' eight minutes in length. Both are posted below.
extended-length video

shortened version

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