Moving forward, we can expect Volkswagen to shift its design language away from anything remotely extravagant. While speaking at the Tokyo launch of the Volkswagen Up!, company global design chief Walter de'Silva said minimalist styling is set to make a resurgence. De'Silva made it clear he believes design is an integral part of resale value, and that the design of models like the Golf helps solidify his brand's value worldwide. The designer said that while the flashier exteriors of models like the Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion and BMW 3 Series have been popular in recent years, he believes such looks are already starting to age. Perhaps that's why the redesigned CC "four-door coupe" shown above seems a bit more traditional than its predecessor.

Volkswagen, meanwhile, offers buyers design security, according to de'Silva. As quoted in Automotive News, the executive says: "People want to understand what they buy. There is a certain security in our design."

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