It's happened to you or someone you know: You think your car is in Park and begin to exit your vehicle, and then it starts to roll. Now, most drivers catch themselves that moment, step on the brakes, throw the gearshift into Park and wait for their heart rate to come back down. This was not one of those times.

In this case, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the unfortunate vehicle involved caught on a security camera, and its operator thinks that the car is in Park or that the emergency brake is engaged. We won't even talk about the fact that the driver nearly drags the car along a cement wall while backing it out, but it it appears to come to a stop on the entrance to the street. When the driver gets out to pick something up in the driveway, the luxury sedan starts to crawl forward thanks to gravity, and unfortunately for the driver, it's aimed directly at her.

The driver initially manages to avoid being run over by her own Mercedes-Benz, but in the process of attempting to recover, things get... worse. We'll keep the conclusion a surprise until you check out the video below.

While you may not go to hell for muffling a chuckle in response to this video, we feel bad for the victim here. There is no description for this video, so we cannot confirm if she was badly hurt, but hopefully not. And we can't help but sympathize a little – we've always felt that Benz's newer column-mounted electronic gear selector (with its "P" button on the end of the stalk) can be a bit fiddly. Clearly, it takes some practice.

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