Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi has announced a new line of V7 bikes, which will be available to Euro-leaning shoppers in the U.S.

Moto Guzzi calls the 2013 iteration of the V7 a "completely new bike," with a more powerful version of the company's 90-degree V-twin engine and revamped aesthetics for each model. The traditional double-cradle frame and drive shaft remain, however.

To start, the Italian company will offer the V7 in three distinct flavors: the V7 Stone, V7 Racer and V7 Special. The Stone has the lowest price point at $8,390 to start, and is made to appeal to a younger buyers with its clean design and ample customization options. The V7 Racer clearly has been aimed at the retro-loving rider, as it makes use of old school number plates on the cowl and rear fenders, while rocking a vintage chrome tank and suede seat. The Racer is also the most dear, at $9,990 to start. Finally the V7 Special fills the need for a classically inspired touring bike with a large, 5.8-gallon tank (offering an average range of 310 miles) and available add-ons like luggage bags and a proper windshield. MSRP for the Special is $8,990.

The V7 Racer will be the first of the new range to show up at your local motorcycle emporium, with delivery slated for early October. The Stone will arrive a little later in the month, and the V7 Special should be available in the first quarter of 2013.
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New engine, revamped design, and new components: a new chapter in the V7 legend is written

Over 90 years as Europe's oldest continuously operating motorcycle manufacturer makes Moto Guzzi's V7 lineup the most unique among today's modern retro motorcycles. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, unrivaled old school style, and technological progress, every V7 is dashing to the eye and thrilling to the heart.

Today the success of Moto Guzzi is further enriched by renewing the flagship V7 product range; keeping constant the authentic elements and values that have characterized the brand so far:

• Craftsmanship
• Italian spirit
• Legendary heritage
• Originality

The 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 is a completely new bike – leading with a more powerful, faster, smoother 90° V-twin engine. Yet, it is still driven by the cardan shaft drive and supported by the double cradle "Tonti" frame – cornerstones of the V7 tradition, a tradition that stays true to the characteristics of the Moto Guzzi tradition, that touring on a motorcycle at its most pure should be nothing but enjoyable.

The design aesthetic accentuates the fine Italian craftsmanship of a vehicle that can only be made 100% in Italy. These are the distinctive elements of a V7 tradition which was born in 1967 with the creation of the Moto Guzzi V7 700. And in this tradition we welcome the 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Range, three different versions and a wide range of available accessories that meet the various needs of all riders.

V7 Stone
A completely new version designed to appeal to younger riders, complete with a competitive price point; trendy, agile, easy to customize with an array of accessories. The V7 Stone features the new and more powerful, 750cc, 90-degree V-Twin motor and new lightweight, six split-spoke alloy wheels. The simple color scheme combined with the six split spoke wheels enhance the chrome accents and make the Stone the ideal foil for a wide variety of Moto Guzzi accessories. The matte black or pure white tank and the chrome accents make the V7 Stone a showstopper on the road or at any café, bike night or local hot spot. The 2013 V7 Stone is available in Matte Black and Pure White. MSRP is $8,390 and will be available in mid- October at Moto Guzzi dealerships across the United States.

V7 Racer
The 2013 V7 Racer is an ode to café racer motorcycles from the '50s and '60s with the performance of a modern machine. The V7 Racer has a new 750cc, 90-degree V-Twin motor with increased torque, horsepower and throttle response for an enjoyable ride. The new V7 Racer features a myriad of unique style attributes-from a chrome fuel metal tank studded with red Moto Guzzi badges and finished with a handsome leather strap, to a suede leather seat with an aerodynamic seat cowl and '70s-style racer number plates. The V7 Racer is perfect for an adventurous rider with an eye for design and a wild streak. The 2013 V7 Racer is available in Chrome. MSRP is $9,990 and will be available at Moto Guzzi dealerships across the United States in early-October.

V7 Special
This is the closest to the original 1969 V7 Special, not only because it shares its name with the first V7 signed by Lino Tonti, but because it faithfully cites the same riding philosophy - that of a touring bike with a sophisticated fit and finish and uniquely "Guzzi" engine character. The new engine, significantly stronger in driving torque and especially in maximum power, which is increased by 12%, is perfectly suited for medium range touring and contributes to low fuel consumption and greater tank capacity with 5.8 gallons for an average range of 310 miles.
Just like its predecessor, it is wrapped in a two-tone paint scheme and equipped with aluminum spoked wheels reducing unsprung weight and improving handling. The V7 Special proves a worthy touring machine with bags and windshield, accessories which go well with the overall design of the V7 Special. The V7 Special is available in White/Red Metallic and Yellow/Black Metallic. MSRP is $8,990 and will be available in quarter 1 of 2013 at Moto Guzzi dealerships across the United States.

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