The Land Rover Range Rover gave a wide, laid-back grin to the Paris Motor Show. Only the fourth change in body style in 41 years, this one has finally been given some angles and curves and a bit of rake, still certifiably a Range Rover but there's more going on than we're used to. Luckily it has more cargo room so it can carry around the haul of commentary its looks have gathered, such as the polarizing headlight and taillights reminiscent of a Ford Explorer, the three-slat vent motif on the front doors and the actual and slightly fussy vents on the front bumper

Some standard and available features are Terrain Response 2, which can see them through any Hamptons horse-trail ruts, less switchgear so that one can focus on being seen, a 29-speaker and 1,700-watt sound system to drown out the other Earthlings, 22-inch wheels to better look down upon them, and an eight-speed transmission and massive weight drop so the help won't have to fill up as often and can be home sooner with the brioche.

Seeing it in person, there's no doubt that after spending the $83,500 needed to take one home, buyers will be rewarded with the Rangie's standard option of that feeling of royalty, of wearing a crest and purple ermine. Which is as it should be. You can check it out from all angles in the high-res gallery above.

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