Aunt Makes Nephew Ride in Car Trunk to Protect Leather Seats

Worried her wet nephew may drip water on the leather seats of her new Lexus on the way home from a nearby waterpark, a Minnesota woman had the boy ride home in the trunk of the car.

That decision may have kept her seats dry, but Susan Marie McCarty, 38, faces more daunting problems now.

Witnesses reported her to police, who stopped McCarty and charged the Edina resident with child endangerment. The 11-year-old boy was not hurt in the August 23 incident, which started in the parking lot of Valleyfair, a nearby waterpark. She said she never intended to put the boy in harm's way and told the St. Paul Pioneer Press, "I didn't assess the situation."

The boy's 14-year-old sister told police he seemed excited at the prospect of riding in the trunk, and that the rear seats had been folded down so that he had ample air amid the day's 80-degree temperatures. McCarty also stated that she had aimed air vents at the boy.

The children had been dropped off at home before police pulled McCarty over. If she's convicted, she faces a possible year in prison and a $3,000 fine.

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