Zero Motorcycles is recalling 315 of its 2012 model year S and DS electric motorcycles to fix a problem that can cause their electronic motors to suddenly lose power. Affected bikes have motor encoder position signals that may drift, or change, over time, Zero Motorcycles stated in a document filed with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If the signal drifts outside of certain parameters, riders can lose power unexpectedly when the motor controller shuts off. This loss of power increases the risk of a crash. Owners will be able to get their bikes reprogrammed free of charge and should contact Zero Motorcycles at 888-786-9376.

Zero Motorcycles has recalled bikes a couple of times in the past three years – due to bike throttles that stayed stuck in the wide open position and for a front brake caliper bracket replacement that could cause brake pad misalignment and reduced front brake performance in deformed brackets.

Zero is asking customers to pay more for these bikes than comparable gasoline-powered machines. Recalls may be expensive and annoying, but the price for ignoring these problems could much higher. Voluntary recalls and addressing these problems promptly is important if Zero wants to get back on track.

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