The Canadian Auto Workers union and Chrysler have reportedly come to a tentative agreement, ending a long-running series of contract negotiations. Chrysler was the last of the Detroit automakers to continue negotiating with the CAW, as General Motors and Ford had both recently come to terms with the union.

While the agreed upon terms between the CAW and Chrysler are similar to those with the other automakers, this isn't a carbon-copy deal.

According to Automotive News, Chrysler has offered a $3,000 bonus to union members upon ratification of the deal, with $2,000 inflation bonuses coming due in the second, third and fourth years of the agreement. Significantly, however, Chrysler has made no promises to add more Canadian jobs over the term of the contract, a concession that both Ford and GM did make.

After what CAW president Ken Lewenza (pictured) calls "a tug of war," the contract needs only now be ratified to take effect. Ratification votes for the 8,000 Canadian Chrysler workers/CAW members will take place sometime in the next several days.

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