You can't say those Tesla Motors guys take any challenges sitting down.

In this case, the luxury battery-electric vehicle maker may be working on an upgraded suspension package for its top-of-the-line Model S sedan, according to Wired.

Tesla is testing a version that includes 21-inch rear wheels with tires that are a half-inch wider than the widest available now as well as upgraded links and bushings. The company, which hasn't said if such a system will be sold to the public, did say it was testing the improved suspension package, which was inspired in part by Tesla executives' rental of a McLaren supercar.

While the Model S has been lauded for its all-around performance, it did come up slightly short in a head-to-head comparison Inside Line conducted with a Porsche Panamera GTS last month. Inside Line wrote that the Model S "seems like a very good suspension tuning compromise" while noting that the Panamera's slalom handling was simply "unreal."

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