"She spreads its wings" or "It spreads its wing," depending on how you conjugate your French, is the rough translation of a headline from L'Automobile. The French auto magazine claims to have its hands on patent sketches of the brilliantly wild-looking McLaren P1. While images have been shown of the P1 Concept ahead of the imminent Paris Motor Show, these are claimed to be of the actual production model.

As you can see from the side-on image, the silhouette bears resemblance to the original McLaren F1, though likely as the optimal wind-tunnel-tested shape for supercar dominance. The side view also reveals a large active spoiler and one heck of a rear diffuser set, also seen in more detail from the rear. Like the MP4-12C, the active spoiler will likely also act as an air brake, bringing the hypercar to an abrupt stop.

Also of note, is the similarities between the P1 Concept, and this supposed production model. The head-on view reveals that the headlights bear a strong connection to the "swoosh" in the McLaren logo. Also, the lack of large taillight detail in the profile image suggests that, like the concept, the P1 would have the exotic trail of LED taillights.

So, while the P1 Concept will wow us beyond belief in Paris, it will be some time after that before we know for sure how close these sketches come to the production model. Stay tuned!

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