Driver Blames Pet Squirrel For Speeding

When Warren Michael III was pulled over by a Clay County, Fla. Sheriff's deputy under suspicion of DUI, he offered up an excuse that the officer probably never heard before: There was a squirrel under Michael's shirt and it was eating him.

Michael was pulled over after a motorist called the Sheriff's office to report a reckless driver, according to WTLV. The deputy followed Michael's car and pulled him over after witnessing the car cross over onto the grass shoulder and almost hit a stopped car head on.

When the officer reached the window, Michael immediately explained that his pet squirrel was eating him, pointing to a small rodent wrapped up in his shirt.

The deputy also noticed the scent of alcohol on Michael's breath and that he was talking rapidly, slurring his speech and using a lot of profanity. After Michael couldn't produce his license or registration, he was taken out of the vehicle -- after being asked to secure the squirrel -- and given a field sobriety test.

He was subsequently arrested for DUI and police called his girlfriend to take possession of the car...and the squirrel. Michael was cited for DUI and driving without a seat belt.

The squirrel seems to be in good condition and was given a name by the couple: DUI (Dew-ee) as a reminder of what can happen when one drinks, drives, and tries to keep a squirrel as a pet, according to


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