Practicing their final notes before they go on song for paying customers, three 991-series Porsche 911 GT3 prototypes were caught at a filling station in Catalunya, Spain almost completely uncovered. According to the photographer (working with an iPhone), two of them (foreground in the photo above) were wearing a host of extras from the options list, while the third appears to be a prototype set up halfway between a traditional 911 and a GT3: it has five-bolt GT3-style wheels and central exhaust, but standard 911 front and rear bumpers and rear wing.

Notice that the little bit of camo on the proper GT3s covers the lower region of the rear bumpers and, we'd imagine, some venting. The tea leaves appear to unanimously point to the 3.8-liter six-cylinder hanging out back, but the exact horsepower rating is hidden behind the vagaries of "somewhere between 450 and 500." Remember, no matter how many horses there are, there will only be a seven-speed PDK available to stir them to action.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the 911 Turbo was caught on the streets of Stuttgart and even the basic black paint job could not pull a shrink the fulsome girth of its ample rear end. Sporting a bit of tape both front and rear, the general details can all be seen, including the redesigned exhaust treatment. We expect to get more colorful looks at both the GT3 and 911 soon enough, but for now there is the high-res gallery above and the two spy videos below.

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