Returning a leased vehicle could soon be as easy as turning in a rental car for customers of Nissan and Infiniti.

The Japanese automaker introduced a new technology at its U.S. dealerships this month that allows employees to complete a lease return using a cell phone or tablet. An app, RPM Mobile, scans the Vehicle Identification Number and pulls the customer's information onto the screen.

The customer confirms information on the screen and electronically signs a return receipt, which is immediately imported into Nissan's computer system. Dealers can also use the app to sell the car back to the customer, if desired.

Nissan says it's the first automaker using this time-saving process.

"It was like, 'There's got to be an app for that,'" said Eric Allen, with Nissan Remarketing. "We're very excited to be leading all our peers. It's a natural progression of everything that's out there."

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