The first test the Jaguar F-Type has to pass will be administered at the Paris Motor Show, and while we've seen its skin, we still can't say for sure what's under it. After that, when drivers get behind the wheel, the examinations get a lot harder. Ten-hour-per-day cramming sessions have been held at the Nardo test circuit and, again, the Nürburgring to tweak performance aspects like handling at VMax, cooling, track DSC and the e-diff.

Jaguar says the F-Type is a "thoroughbred enthusiast sports car," and after all the years we've been waiting for it, the company doesn't want to be wrong. The two videos below, "Fierce" and "Focused," take high-speed looks at what is going into the convertible cat, and we even see the needle swing past 170 mph. Needless to say, we're looking most forward to finding these things out for ourselves.

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