Futurists can be a fun bunch to listen to. From Ray Kurzweil's predictions on The Colbert Report to Michio Kaku's frequent specials on Discovery and The Science Channel, followers of futurists get frequent flashes of fate's final frontiers. Being the auto-obsessive types, naturally we're most curious to see what the future holds for automobiles.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers thinks it knows what kinds of cars we'll be driving in 2040, or, rather, what kinds of cars will be driving us.

"[IEEE members have] selected autonomous vehicles as the most promising form of intelligent transportation, anticipating that they will account for up to 75 percent of cars on the road by the year 2040."

That's right, folks. According to this panel of experts, by 2040 we'll be leaving our homes (in the sky) and settling comfortably into the recliners of our autonomous automobiles. May as well take a nap, eh? After all, there won't be any traffic lights to contend with, says IEEE. Think that's something? How about this little prediction, then: Not only may you not own a car in 2040, you may not even have to have a license. What is the world coming to?

More predictions can be found at IEEE's official website.

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