Criterion Games bills the open-world hooning and hooliganism in the single-player mode of Need for Speed: Most Wanted as "unprecedented freedom and power." The company might not be kidding. Every single car in the game is available whenever you want it and you can drive anywhere you wish.

There are races and police chases through industrial playgrounds and suburban byways. There are "Speed points" awarded for all kinds of sociopathic behavior, and your car can be upgraded instantly with things like automatically reinflating tires and a reinforced chassis. There's lots of jumping. And we mean, lots.

And there's a Big Brother called Autolog 2.0 that keeps track of everyone doing anything, so that the best among you make the Most Wanted list. It's about as arcade as you're going to get without a stack of quarters, a Snickers and a 64-ounce soda. You can watch Criterion demonstrate it for you in the video below.

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