Peugeot is betting even more on black (and copper) with the Onyx three-wheeled scooter concept. A fanciful sibling to the Onxy hybrid supercar concept, the scooter looks as if it could have come straight from the Japanese anime, Akira.

The Onyx scooter makes do with a bit less gumption than the 680-horsepower Onyx coupe. The three-wheeler's powertrain is a 400cc engine paired with an electric motor pushing a combined 60 horsepower and 43 pound-feet to the 17-inch rear wheel.

In between the cockpit and the seat is a storage unit called the ClipBox. The scooter is in Sport Mode with the ClipBox affixed, the rider leaning against it to reach the handlebars, naturally pushing the feet into a more sportbike-like position. Remove the ClipBox and the Onyx goes into Urban Mode, a more traditional scooter configuration with an upright seating position. Peugeot says it's good for 30 miles of all-electric travel at 31 mph, or 310 miles if it uses the ICE. You can check out its transformation in the attached photo gallery, and we'll find out more in person at the Paris Motor Show.

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