The last time we heard from EVO magazine's Henry Catchpole he was drifting a Caterham Supersports through the snow up the side of a French mountain.

There's more to the Scotsman than mad antics, it seems. After studying philosophy and art history, the final hurdle to getting his degree was writing his dissertation, the subjects of which were the BMW Art Cars. So, who better to take us on a tour of some of the works in the Art Car collection while it was in London for the Olympics?

Starting with the BMW 3.0-liter CSL dressed up by Alexander Calder and raced at Le Mans, and alighting on various models right through to the BMW M3 GT2 by Jeff Koons that was recently spotted in a fjord, the trip down art history lane is smart and entertaining. There are even background digressions to add to the fun. For instance: Warhol painted the M1 in just 28 minutes – so quickly that the camera crew hired just for the purpose didn't have time to film him painting it.

You can take the full tour with Catchpole in the video below, and the EVO site has photos of the cars when you want to slow things down.

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