What happens when a swarm of stunt motorcyclists meets a police road block? [w/poll]

When accusing police officers of excessive force, it's often helpful to have a video of the situation, but in this case, the video might do more harm than good. During the 10th Annual " Streetfighterz Ride of the Century," police and highway patrol near St. Louis, Missouri attempted to contain that gaggle of road-hogging motorcyclists when things get really out of hand.

In the first video posted below, the motorcycle riders are shown performing dangerous stunts such as wheelies as well as riding erratically on the road and on the shoulder. At some point during their ride, police set up a roadblock to corral the hundreds of motorcycles occupying every lane of traffic, but instead of stopping, most riders attempt to scatter. As you can see in the image above, some attempted to elude police by riding the wrong way up the highway entrance ramp. According to local news network KSDK, a total of 32 people were arrested and 155 tickets were issued between the Missouri Highway Patrol and the St. Louis County police.

The description for of the videos, supplied by a rider, argues that the police acted dangerously by using brute force, ramming and PIT maneuvers to stop the motorcycles.

Check out the videos below, and then weigh in with our poll and in Comments.

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