Chrysler has been busy at the trademark office. reports the manufacturer has laid claim to a stack of new names, including Detroit Motor Works, Wrangler Freedom Edition, 8 Mile, Crossroad and Chrysler 100, as well as Ram ProMaster and the Ram ProMaster City. The automaker has made no secret of the fact that it wants to build a new small car, and that the machine will almost certainly ride under the Chrysler 100 banner. Dealers reportedly got a closer look at the vehicle at a recent gathering in Las Vegas.

Likewise, the two ProMaster names are little surprise, as Fiat intends to give the Ford Transit and Transit connect some competition with its own European-style Ducato vans. Now it looks as if those will come with ProMaster badges.

But, names like Detroit Motor Works, 8 Mile and Crossroad all leave the door open for some speculation. also reports Chrysler has laid claim to Active Air, which it speculates may be applied to the company's variable-length intake runners.

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