We'd like to believe that corporations have the ability to do something nice without an ulterior motive, that a company can just be good without angling for a bump in consumer sentiment, brand awareness or sales. This is not one of those times, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the "Honda Loves You Back" campaign is doing a bunch of nice things for Honda fans.

The latest involves the LA-based band Monsters Calling Home, which shot a couple of its music videos entirely in Hondas owned by various band members, proving that, yes, you can play a set of drums in the back of a Fit. Honda noticed one video in particular for the song "Fight to Keep" (below) and decided to love the band back with a special surprise. The band was lured to a location in LA under the ruse of playing the song live for a room of Honda executives, but the carmaker had other plans.

Instead, Monsters Calling Home was ushered across the street to the studio where ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live is taped. You can guess what happened next, or better yet, scroll down to watch the band's reaction to getting their big break courtesy of a carmaker.

Honda has done a few other things as part of its "Honda Loves You Back" campaign, including throwing a parade for a guy who drove his Accord over 1,000,000 miles and making Jack-o-Lanterns that feature customer faces. Are these actions entirely altruistic? No, and we played our part by even telling you about it, but we doubt recipients like Monsters Calling Home even care.

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