We fully expected Honda to reveal its facelifted 2013 CR-Z hybrid at the Paris Motor Show next week, but instead, the Japanese automaker has brought its updated three-door to the Indonesia International Motor Show, and our friends at PaulTan.org were on hand to get the details.

And no, your eyes do not deceive you – this CR-Z has, in fact, been given a nip/tuck. The most obvious element that sets the 2013 model apart from earlier versions is a set of LED running lights tucked below the headlamps. A more pronounced lower front lip jutting underneath redesigned fog lamps is also new, as well as additional paint colors including the Premium Energetic Yellow Pearl finish seen here. Out back, a revamped diffuser has settled in, and other minor updates like new door mirrors and 17-inch alloys round out the changes.

The revised CR-Z still uses the same 1.5-liter inline-four with Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid technology, and PaulTan.org reports that the engine is capable of putting down 118 horsepower with the six-speed manual or 116 hp with the Continuously Variable Transmission. The electric motor provides an additional 20-hp of oomph, but Honda has not released official combined output ratings just yet. Most intriguingly, there's a new Plus Sport System accessed through a Sport button in the cabin, but it's not yet clear what systems it holds sway over.

We'll get another look at the new CR-Z in Paris next week, but for now, head over to PaulTan.org for the details and scroll through the image gallery above to see the Energetic CR-Z in all its glory.

Honda CR-Z Information

Honda CR-Z

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