A motorcycle rider in the UK spent three days lying in a roadside ditch after an accident last week. Anthony Margrave left his home after telling friends he was going for a short ride, but wound up laying down his Yamaha just 15 minutes into his outing.
Both Margrave and the bike wound up sliding into a seven-foot-deep ditch between a road and a field, after colliding with a metal sign post. The 40-year-old motorcyclist collected a fractured spine, broken ribs and a damaged airway in the process. A police search party found him three days later after spotting fragments of the bike, and initially thought Margrave was dead.

It was only when an officer spotted him blinking his eyes that he was rushed to the hospital. By that point, Margrave was also suffering from hypothermia. Doctors induced a coma and performed surgery on the rider's airway, but The Daily Mail reports the lucky motorcycle rider is in critical condition, but has been taken off of life support.

Margrave said he was conscious during most of the three days and shouted for help from passing cars to no avail. Due to his injuries, he could not move his hands to fetch his phone or brush bugs away from crawling over his body. Even so, family members say he is in good spirits overall, only becoming upset when he learned his bike was demolished and that paramedics had cut his fairly expensive jeans.

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