Getting a ticket from the police is never fun, but some people like to get a little creative when paying their fine. One YouTube user, appropriately named "Bacon Moose," decided to pay a $137 ticket he received in Jersey Village, Texas (near Houston) by creating an army of origami pigs made out of dollar bills.

In an attempt to hammer home his point, he brings his little piggies to the municipal court in a pair of Dunkin Donut boxes. Not surprisingly, the court clerk, none too amused with the situation, refuses to take the folded up dollar bills, and asks for a police officer to come over and explain to "Mr. Moose" why they can't accept the money in its current state. The man eventually gives in, and after spending more than four hours folding all of the bills, it takes him just "three to four minutes" to unfold them all to successfully pay his ticket. In the video, the man insists his ticket was not for any moving violation, but he does not say what he was ticketed for.

Kudos to the court clerk and the court clerk who both seem to be amused with the situation (in the end) and handle the situation cooly. After seeing antics like those in the video posted below, we now know why the lady behind the payment counter always seems to be so cranky.

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