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AJ Allmendinger completes 'Road to Recovery' program, reinstated by NASCAR

AJ Allmendinger did the crime when he took a pill offered by a "buddy" that was found to contain an amphetamine banned by NASCAR, then he did the time – losing his Penske drive and spending roughly two months in a Road to Recovery program – and now he's earned his way back into NASCAR society. The sport's governing body reinstated Allmendinger on Tuesday, so now the ex-IndyCar and NASCAR driver is waiting to figure out where he's going to go.

Roger Penske has taken a very kind view of the situation, saying he's open to hiring Allmendinger again and that there's no reason Allmendinger shouldn't be an option for other teams in either series. The driver was Penske's guest at the IndyCar series final at California's Auto Club Speedway, but it was just a social call after six years away from open-wheeler paddock. Allmendinger says he has no idea where he'll end up yet, but as he notes, "I also don't want this to be the end of NASCAR. I don't want to leave like that. I don't want to feel like I failed."

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