According to new reports, James Glickenhaus has more big plans for his P4/5 Competizione, eying an entry in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014 with an LMP contender. That year there will be a slate of new regulations that refocus cars around around the amount of energy they use per lap (instead of displacement and air restrictions) and that open up the possibilities for design and privateer competitors.

Providing sketches of a highly stylized version of what an LMP version of the P4/5C M (M is for Modificata, indicating the kinetic energy recovery system fitted this year) could look like, Glickenhaus would only say that "we do not exclude the possibility of building a P4/5 LMP" car for 2014. The project would need partners and backing, so Glickenhaus has cautioned that nothing is assured. In the meantime, while his team contemplates that challenge, he wants the P4/5C M to finish first in its class in the year's FIA ​​World Championship Alternate Energy Cup series, and he wants to head back to the Nürburgring to beat the 6:51 lap time set earlier this summer, which is still a record for a car under Ferrari power.

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