It can be exasperating to be running just a few minutes late and receiving a parking ticket for an expired meter. A Los Angeles man says he knows a more sickening feeling – he was running a few minutes early, and got a ticket anyway.

On Sunday, he filmed his unlikely encounter with a parking officer and later posted the video on YouTube.

After initially protesting, the man said he filmed the incident because he had no other recourse. His video shows an officer, Luisito Calaguing, placing a ticket under the right windshield wiper of his car, which is parked on Argyle Street just north of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. In the video, the meter at which they are parked shows six minutes remaining.

In a recount of the incident on YouTube, he said he did not put more money in an attempt to alter the appearance before filming. He said his girlfriend paid the $ 1 fee on her credit card. "I'm not trying to fool anybody or get out of paying a parking ticket," he wrote. "I'm exposing a corrupt system for what it is. I didn't break any laws, and I find the officer's act ridiculous."

The fine for the parking ticket is $63.


Not that it would have helped this guy, but for the rest of us, our cell phones may soon help motorists avoid those pesky parking tickets. You'll be able to feed the parking meter with your phone.

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