Starting today, the cost to rent a Car2go vehicle in the U.S. goes up, just a tiny bit. The carsharing prices will go from 35 cents an hour to 38, from $12.99 an hour to $13.99 and from $64.99 to $72.99 per day. These new prices are in effect in all Car2go cities in North America and still include the traditional Car2go benefits of parking, fuel, maintenance and insurance.

We asked why Car2go is raising prices now, and Car2go North America communications manager Katie Stafford said this is the first time Car2go has raised its rates "in existing Car2go cities, since we launched in North America nearly thee years ago." She continued:

The price increase comes as a result of the rising costs associated with fuel, parking, insurance, and in the case of San Diego – we have invested in building up the EV charging infrastructure so that we can keep the cars charged and ready for members to use. In all cities, new parking solutions have been created to allow members even more convenient parking options.

Speaking of electric vehicles, 30 new Car2go EVs are now operational in Portland, OR and more are coming soon to Austin, TX.

The higher rates have been in effect in Washington, D.C. and Miami, FL since Car2go started in those cities. At the very least, since Car2go membership cards now work nationwide, you'll now always know how much you're paying per minute. The cost just happens to be a little more than before, in some cases.

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Dear car2go San Diego Members,

We are proud to share with you that it has been almost 3 years since we launched in North America, and today, there are more than 150,000 car2go members worldwide, spanning across 15 car2go cities throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

It always has been and will continue to be our goal to make getting from point A to point B convenient, flexible and affordable for you.

As the price of insurance and parking continue to rise throughout North America, our operating costs too have risen. Additionally, in San Diego we are investing in electric charging infrastructure, and we are continuing to provide new parking solutions to make car2go even more convenient for you. It is for these reasons that we wanted to inform you that our rates will be changing effective September 17th. Trips beginning at 12:00 A.M. on September 17th will be subject to the new rates.

**Rates listed do not include the local tax required per city

The new rates will continue to include all of the benefits and services you love – fuel, parking, insurance, maintenance, and access to any car2go vehicle within your city, at no additional cost. Furthermore, your membership card now gives you access to the entire car2go network in the United States.

Your car2go San Diego Team

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